No Open Hack Night on December 25th

Eugene Maker Space will not be having Open Hack Night next Tuesday, December 25th, because it will be Christmas.

We will be back on Friday, December 28th, and probably on Tuesday, January 1st, 2013.

Open Hack Night is every Tuesday and Friday night from 6 to 8 PM (major holidays excepted (-: ).  Come to the shop.  Bring your project and/or see what other people are working on.

Bob’s laser cutter project


I haven’t posted here about the laser cutter in quite a while.

It’s coming along. I’m nearly done with the mechanical assembly and ready to start on wiring and electronics.  The gantry, the movable beam in the center of the picture, is installed.  The laser carriage, which rides on the gantry, is also installed.  The table has been installed for a while, though I’m going to replace the plastic eggcrate table surface with an aluminum eggcrate.
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