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Eugene Maker Space Invites You to Visit

Make-O-Rama: “Tooling Up”

Our Semi-Annual Show & Tell/Open House

February 23, 2013

11:00 to 4:00

687 McKinley Street, Suite #2 for more information

Making awesome tools to make awesome stuff!

Come see what we’re building now:
Laser Cutters! Vacuum Tables! 3D Printers! Welding Booths!

Cord’s RFID Cat Feeder – RoboFeeder

This is a video of our cat with special dietary needs using her RFID feeder. It is made from an hacked cd-rom drive and an Arduino with a RFID reader attached. It also uses a PIR (Passive InfraRed) sensor to make sure it doesn’t close on the cat. It has actually saved us considerable money as the food is very expensive and the other cats love to eat it, so both a fun and very useful project!