Arduino Projects

There are a lot of cool Arduino projects floating around Eugene Maker Space.  You can do a lot in a hurry with an Arduino, and programming is so easy it almost feels like cheating!  Here are a couple simple projects I’ve done.   I had less than a day to design and build this prototype…

Bob’s laser cutter project


I haven’t posted here about the laser cutter in quite a while.

It’s coming along. I’m nearly done with the mechanical assembly and ready to start on wiring and electronics.  The gantry, the movable beam in the center of the picture, is installed.  The laser carriage, which rides on the gantry, is also installed.  The table has been installed for a while, though I’m going to replace the plastic eggcrate table surface with an aluminum eggcrate.

Welding Booth!

Recently some EMS members have been learning to weld. Unfortunately, the shop hasn’t been very welder-friendly. We have the one welder but we really didn’t have a good place to weld. The only place we are able to plug in the welder is in the far back corner of the shop, and the only surfaces we…

Star Wars Uncut Entry

A few EMS members have been working on entries for the Star Wars Uncut: The Empire Strikes Back project.  This is a project where the entire “Empire Strikes Back” movie is split into many 15 second chunks.  Anyone is welcome to sign up for one of the 15 second pieces.  That person’s job is to…