We offer several ways to keep up-to-date with Eugene Makerspace (EMS) happenings or to contact members of the community outside of our space.

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Twitter (@eugenemakers)

Mailing Lists and Forums

Forums and lists with similar names are linked together so you can subscribe to the same content in your preferred medium.
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Click here to subscribe to our Announce mailing list. This list is only used to send official announcements to EMS members.

Click here to join our Slack, a resource for real-time chat, project coordination, and more.

Click here to subscribe to our Discuss mailing list. This list was created so that EMS members and local makers can communicate with each other about their projects, come for assistance, ideas, or just to have relevant open discussion with other local makers.

Mailing Lists Archives

You can easily view the archives of all posts by browsing the mailing list archives, or the forums using the following links:
Announce Archives | Announce Forum
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Our wiki is available for members to keep track of projects, post useful information, or whatever else makes sense.


We have two (2) webcams configured at EMS. This allows our current members to see when other people are at the space.

Username: emsguest
Password: emsguest

ShopCam 2:
Username: emsguest
Password: emsguest