[EMS Announce] Hack Your Hackerspace tonight at 7:00PM!

Tue Apr 23 10:34:30 PDT 2013

Here is another reminder that the first ever EMS Hack Your hackerspace
meeting is tonight at 7:00PM at Eugene Maker Space!  No one suggested any
topics for the meeting yet so there is no official agenda.  If you have
anything you would like to discuss with the membership/board, then start a
thread in the discussion list to bring it up!

One topic I do want to discuss tonight is the possibility of EMS moving to
a new location and sharing space with some other groups in the area.  The
board has been working with some other local groups to see what may be
possible.  We'd like to share our findings with the membership and get some

Also, we'd like to brainstorm ways to make the shop a better place to make
things and then take action to make it happen!  We hope to see you there.
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