[EMS Announce] Membership Meeting Cancelled

Fri Apr 26 13:25:52 PDT 2013

We had our first Hack your Hackerspace meeting last Tuesday at EMS.  It
went really well.  We talked a lot about the future of EMS and the
possibility of moving to a bigger space and joining forces with some other
groups in the area.  We also talked shop safety, and then spent some time
tidying up the shop and re-arranging things to make more space for us to do
the things we love to do.

That being said, it doesn't seem like we have anything to discuss at the
membership meeting on Saturday.  No proposals were made and no agenda
created.  As a result, we're going to cancel the meeting.  Next month, we
will hold the Hack your Hackerspace meeting again and then decide after
that if we have anything to discuss or vote on at the membership meeting.
 That way we can give earlier notice if it will be cancelled.

Thanks again to everyone who attended the first HYH meeting.  It felt
successful and we hope that it will get even better as time goes on.
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