[Discuss] Saturday Night meetings?

Wed Dec 7 08:27:48 PST 2011

I am definitely interested in this, however I can't really commit to being
there every Saturday.  I already meet Friday nights and Sunday afternoons
so adding Saturdays in takes a good chunk of my weekend.  Honestly, I hope
in the future to see people at the shop almost every night, so no matter
what day it is you know you can go there at certain times and someone is
probably there.  I think we will reach that goal as the dust settles and
more keys to the shop are given out.

Anyways, back to the Saturday meetings.  If people do start meeting
Saturdays I will more than likely attend sometimes, I just can't commit to
being there every week and being the one to ensure the shop is open.  In
all likelihood I would end up either just picking Friday night or Saturday
night depending on other stuff I have going on that particular weekend.

I hope you find some people who want to start Saturday meetings but if not,
never fear because we will have more and more key holders all the time so
the odds of finding people for Saturdays will get better and better.


On Tue, Dec 6, 2011 at 9:29 PM, Nathan <EMAIL HIDDEN> wrote:

> Hello,
> I was wondering if there would be any interest in doing a Saturday Night
> meeting. I'm having scheduling conflicts with the Friday night meets and if
> we go on Saturday we could go check out the the Arcade on Blair afterwards,
> get our pinball on :)
> - Nathan
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