[Discuss] [Parts Ordering]. I just had a "learning experience" last night.. (Parts Order Thread)

Wed Dec 7 10:56:33 PST 2011

I had heard that people should group by from places like Digi-Key and such,
but did not experience the WHY until last night.  2 Cables $9.06 great
price!.. S/H $9.60 ?? ouch.... More in S/H than the cables..

So how about we say use a EMS thread and close it every Sunday night say
9:00pm for those wanting to add their parts to a group buy?

I know I would like to buy a few Temp Sensors
on the next round.

Should this be up on the Wiki instead?  I could wait a few weeks for the
parts and so don't need to create spam up a email box.

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