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Thu Dec 8 10:58:40 PST 2011

When I click the wiki link from that page, Firefox warns me that
the SSL certificate is untrusted.  IMHO, we should either buy
a real certificate or stop using SSL.  Are there reasons not to do that
of which I'm unaware?

On Wed, Dec 7, 2011 at 10:27 PM, Rick Osgood <EMAIL HIDDEN> wrote:
> During our board meeting today, we realized that a lot of people didn't know
> you could view our mailing list archives to go over old discussions.  We
> added links to these resources on a new page on our site:
> http://www.eugenemakerspace.com/?page_id=217
> So if you have any interest in going through old email threads to see what
> was previously discussed, now you know where to find the links to do that.
>  We also included a link to the wiki since there was not a link from our
> main site previously.
> Rick
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