[Discuss] [Member Access] RFID Door Access.. Progress update (Action Items).

Tue Dec 13 12:59:59 PST 2011

We (Ben, Dirk, Laura, and myself) are quickly making progress
and foresee having it* done well before the end of the year.  What we wont'
have is enough cards purchased for everyone.  The parts we had on hand to
make entry easy and work quickly and cheaply.  The cheapest and easiest way
to get them is from SparkFun.com, which is where the reader came from.

I would suggest groups of people go in together to save on shipping and
handeling (oh how I was just so recently bit by Digi-Key)...

1 Card($1.95):

5 Card Pack($9.95):

1 Button($3.95):

*It being a RFID reader to do a lookup of known good cards and then open a
fail closed electric door striker plate.  No physical "key" will
be necessary for members.  As time moves on and we get more hardware we can
expand the system to support other methods of entry.  The goal today is to
get members in as quickly and as cheaply (equipment cost) as we can while
not lowering our security posture in the process.

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