[Discuss] Internet Connectivity

Thu Dec 22 16:22:11 PST 2011

I spoke with Comcast Business this afternoon and have a formal quote for an 
internet connection for our space.  Unfortunately the address does not qualify  
for residential internet service, so we are going to have business class service 
installed.  We are a business after all.  The total monthly reoccurring cost 
will be $66.95.  This includes a $7/month business class router fee.  
Unfortunately the router rental was a requirement so we will be unable to use 
any already owned modems.  There will be an installation charge of $199 for a 12 
month term or $99 for a 24 month term.  I do not want to go with anything over 
a  24 month plan.

So far there is a group of seven that have agreed to fund the Internet at EMS 
until we have enough members to cover our expenses.  If we went with a 12 month 
term, each person in this group would be responsible for $38 for January, and 
$24/month for the remaining months (until we have enough members to cover the 
monthly costs).  If there are any additional members that would like to join 
this group, these costs would quickly drop.  Please let me know if you would be 
interested in joining this group.

I would like to order the circuit this week if possible, so please let me know 
any thoughts or concerns on this.  I would like to push Comcast for an 
installation date in early January.


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