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Thu Dec 22 16:55:24 PST 2011

Rick, you are absolutely correct.  I was running several calculations on a 
spreadsheet and grabbed the wrong amount. I should have caught that.  $24 would 
be the cost for January if we went with a 24 month term.  The monthly cost per 
person after January would be $9.57

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Kevin, is the math on the remaining months correct?  If I do $66.95 / 7 people I 
get just under $10 per person per month.  Where did the $24 per person come 
Also, keep in mind if we break the contract and cancel before the 12 or 24 
months then we would be liable for 75% of the remaining months bills.

On Thu, Dec 22, 2011 at 4:22 PM, Kevin King <EMAIL HIDDEN> wrote:

I spoke with Comcast Business this afternoon and have a formal quote for an
>internet connection for our space.  Unfortunately the address does not qualify
>for residential internet service, so we are going to have business class 
>installed.  We are a business after all.  The total monthly reoccurring cost
>will be $66.95.  This includes a $7/month business class router fee.
>Unfortunately the router rental was a requirement so we will be unable to use
>any already owned modems.  There will be an installation charge of $199 for a 
>month term or $99 for a 24 month term.  I do not want to go with anything over
>a  24 month plan.
>So far there is a group of seven that have agreed to fund the Internet at EMS
>until we have enough members to cover our expenses.  If we went with a 12 month
>term, each person in this group would be responsible for $38 for January, and
>$24/month for the remaining months (until we have enough members to cover the
>monthly costs).  If there are any additional members that would like to join
>this group, these costs would quickly drop.  Please let me know if you would be
>interested in joining this group.
>I would like to order the circuit this week if possible, so please let me know
>any thoughts or concerns on this.  I would like to push Comcast for an
>installation date in early January.
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