[Discuss] Eugene Maker Space Grand Opening

Fri Dec 30 11:29:56 PST 2011

It is time for Eugene Maker Space to go public. When we get more members,
we'll have more funds, and we can buy more, cooler tools.

We'd like to hold a Grand Opening on Saturday, January 14th. And we'd like
to ask as many of you as possible to help make the event a success.

We're planning an event from 11:00 to 5:00, with demos, talks, kit building
workshops, and food and drink. But most importantly, we'll let potential
members get to know who we are and what we like to do.

And we need your help.

*Ways you can help before the 14th:*

Mark the 14th on your calendar. Plan to be there if you can.

Get the word out. Tell your friends. Tell your co-workers. Put up a flyer
or two. (We will have flyers in PDF by Monday. I will print some at Kinko's
if there's demand. Let me know if there's demand.)

Lend us a soldering station. We have three (I think) and we'll need more
for the electronics workshop. Solder, pliers, and wirecutter, too.

Volunteer for a demo. Have you made something cool in the past? Could you
talk about it to a handful of geeks? Do you have pictures or a gizmo to

Find maker-related video. We're planning on running a projector all day,
and we'd like to show some videos of people making stuff. We need help
finding those videos.

Donate. We plan to hold workshops and have food available.  We also will
need to purchase more supplies in order to get the shop ready for the
event.  These  things will cost money and if we can get some donations
before the event, it will help us purchase the things we need to make the
event a success.

*Ways you can help on the 14th:*

Give the demo you volunteered for. It's your chance to bask in the
adolation of your peers. Or something.

Coach a workshop. We're planning to have one simple electronics project and
one mechanical project. The details are TBD. But we'll need some people on
hand who can explain which end of a soldering iron to hold or how to
operate a screwdriver.

Help with the food. We're planning on pizza and munchies, and we're
planning on a Just-In-Time strategy so we have the right amount of food.
Somebody will have to go out for more pizza when we run out.

Come, hang out, show your support. Talk to strangers. Sign up new members.

Thanks for all your help.

Rick Osgood
Bob Miller
The Board
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