[Discuss] Near-space Balloon: A couple more drawings

Fri Nov 4 11:51:38 PDT 2011

I almost put a break in the line to indicate "some unspecified long length". :)

I was going to ask about the name this evening at the shop- I picked up 'society' in one of the emails. I'll change all instances.

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Looks good Laura, thanks for working on that.  Looking at the second image (the one that includes the balloon) I want to mention that normally people tend to stick a 20-30 foot piece of rope between the parachute and the balloon.  I can't recall the exact reasons for this but it seems to be the usual way of doing things.  I realize it's impractical to include that in a diagram like that though.

Also, I'm not sure where "society" came from but it might be worth mentioning that our group's name is actually Eugene Maker Space.

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The plan x-section gives a better picture of the reinforcing rib layout. The main assy dwg is a statement of the obvious but still nice to see how it all goes together :)
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