[Discuss] Lighting at the shop

Sun Nov 6 16:36:36 PST 2011

After our nearspace meeting today, Dirk, Laura, Ben and I all worked on
hanging up lights at the shop.  We were able to get the two large
double fluorescent lighting fixtures hung up on the ceiling.  We also got
one of the smaller lighting fixtures working but we need some strong coat
hanger style wire to make hooks so we can hang it up.  The other two lights
need power cables still and Dirk says he has some cables to bring in to use
for that.

I bought all of the parts (chain, light fixture adapters, two prong to
three prong adapters, and power cord ends) at home depot with my personal
money as a donation to the space since we don't have a ton of extra money
in the EMS account for stuff like this.  The total cost was about $30 for
everything.  If anyone wants to throw a few dollars my way to help offset
the cost that would be sweet but please don't feel obligated.  You
can Paypal it to me by sending the money to EMAIL HIDDEN  If you
send it as a "gift" then Paypal won't take a cut of the money.

I just wanted to thank everyone for their help in getting the lighting set
up.  It's so much brighter in there already it was definitely worth the
small amount of work.
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