[Discuss] Large Shelving at the shop

Mon Nov 7 11:30:08 PST 2011

We want to build some large storage at the space so we can store projects
in progress, or just larger boxes/bins of stuff to give us more work space.
 I feel this is something that should be done soon so we can move some of
the boxes out of our way and we can have more space to work.  Does anyone
have any good design ideas for large shelving?  We were originally thinking
of building the shelving out of 2x4's so it would be around 8 feet tall and
8 feet long.  Does anyone have experience building large sturdy shelving?

I'd like to get a simple design plan together so a few of us can meet up,
buy the materials and then put it all together.  It shouldn't take more
than a couple of hours once we have it planned out and acquired the
materials.  Anyone have any input?

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