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Tue Nov 15 10:06:07 PST 2011

Good questions Rick,

Hmmm did it always go to the EW page when using https? I think it 
probably did, or did I just break something?

Yes I suppose we could make a wiki just for EMS, but let me check if 
there is an efficient way of doing that.


Rick Osgood wrote:
> Thanks for working on that Clif.  I'm glad we can access the wiki from our
> domain now.  I am curious though.  Now if you just type in "
> https://www.eugenemakerspace.com/" it doesn't go to our website.  It goes
> to eugeneweb.com but keeps our domain in the URL.  Is there any way to fix
> that?  I'm also curious if there's any way to limit the wiki so when you go
> to http://www.eugenemakerspace.com/wiki/ it only has our wiki visible
> rather than all the other wiki sites that are unrelated to EMS?
> Rick
> On Mon, Nov 14, 2011 at 7:16 PM, Mr. Clif<EMAIL HIDDEN>  wrote:
>> Hi Gang,
>> I just upgraded the wiki to the politically correct fork of Twiki which is
>> known as Foswiki. Additionally I have tweaked it to work off the EMS
>> domain. e.g.:
>> https://www.eugenemakerspace.**com/wiki/view/Sites/**
>> ElectronicDoorLock#Sample_BOM_**and_Costing<https://www.eugenemakerspace.com/wiki/view/Sites/ElectronicDoorLock#Sample_BOM_and_Costing>
>> Lastly, the above is an example use of the spreadsheet plugin. You can
>> edit the table and the totals change.
>>     Have fun,
>>     Clif
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