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Thu Oct 20 11:16:32 PDT 2011

I have been researching the near space balloon project for over a year and have 
many ideas that I would like to share with the group.  Once we meet face to 
face, we could brainstorm several ideas.  I have a sheet of foil backed 
Styrofoam, I think 1" thick, that I was planning to use for the payload 
housing.  Once we have the payload size figured out, we can make a container 
with this material.  There are many payload projects that I have in mind for the 
this project.  I would like for this balloon project to continue through several 
flights.  There are many payload options and experiments I would like to try, so 
I expect to perform several launches.

One idea we have been tossing around was to possibly participate in this years 
Hackerspaces in Space contest.  http://hackerspacesinspace.com/  If we decided 
to participate, there are rules we would need to follow.  Also the deadline is 
November 28 for the flight.  I think this would be a fun project, but with a 
fast approaching deadline.  For this reason, we were thinking of keeping the 
payload simple and lightweight.  I would like to have good telemetry data from 
this flight that will help us during our future flights.  This could also help 
with PR.  Or it could be launched as part of a grand opening for our space.

One main goal for me personally is to get high quality images of our flights.  I 
have a Canon camera that I have running CHDK specifically for this project.  I 
have been researching options for tilting the camera or possibly tilting a 
mirror in front of the camera in order to get multiple camera angles with a 
single camera.  I would love to have video of the balloon popping and additional 
camera angles of the flight.

I logged into doodle and set my schedule. Hopefully we can meet soon to discuss 
this in more detail.

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