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Thu Oct 20 12:05:13 PDT 2011

Hi Gang,
I just made sure that the announce and discuss mailing lists had the 
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Kevin King wrote:
> I have been researching the near space balloon project for over a year and have
> many ideas that I would like to share with the group.  Once we meet face to
> face, we could brainstorm several ideas.  I have a sheet of foil backed
> Styrofoam, I think 1" thick, that I was planning to use for the payload
> housing.  Once we have the payload size figured out, we can make a container
> with this material.  There are many payload projects that I have in mind for the
> this project.  I would like for this balloon project to continue through several
> flights.  There are many payload options and experiments I would like to try, so
> I expect to perform several launches.
> One idea we have been tossing around was to possibly participate in this years
> Hackerspaces in Space contest.  http://hackerspacesinspace.com/  If we decided
> to participate, there are rules we would need to follow.  Also the deadline is
> November 28 for the flight.  I think this would be a fun project, but with a
> fast approaching deadline.  For this reason, we were thinking of keeping the
> payload simple and lightweight.  I would like to have good telemetry data from
> this flight that will help us during our future flights.  This could also help
> with PR.  Or it could be launched as part of a grand opening for our space.
> One main goal for me personally is to get high quality images of our flights.  I
> have a Canon camera that I have running CHDK specifically for this project.  I
> have been researching options for tilting the camera or possibly tilting a
> mirror in front of the camera in order to get multiple camera angles with a
> single camera.  I would love to have video of the balloon popping and additional
> camera angles of the flight.
> I logged into doodle and set my schedule. Hopefully we can meet soon to discuss
> this in more detail.
> -Kevin
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