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Here is one.


Aaron Ledbetter wrote:
> I took some more of your feedback and made some more revisions.
> A couple notes,
> 1) I think I like the simplicity of the single cog/gear.
> 2) Having the 'e' in the cog tilted ads a needed feeling of tention,
> without it it feels a little too bland.
> 2) I really think that having the Typographic solution to marry with a Logo
> "bug" is important. You can always use the bug on it's own, but I think you
> will find that you will want to "spell it out" more often then not when
> advertising, and in banners.
> 3) The bottom complete logo is the direction I am leaning toward..
> Colors:
> I put together a little pallet of colors. I'm thinking that it's a fine
> line between being too dark and too bright. I was aiming for
> a circuit board kind of green, but it may just be too dark. The
> one labeled with a * is the original color of green. I also liked dropping
> the black down to a 80% black. I think it ads a sense of contrast.
> The bottom logo is the #4 color and the 80% grey.
> In class till this evening... Hope you have some feedback when for when I
> get home,
> Thanks, Aaron
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