[EMS Discuss] Lawlz Brawlz LAN at the shop on Saturday

InEugene ineugene at gmail.com
Wed Apr 18 22:09:55 PDT 2012


Just wanted to send out an FYI, if you check the calender you'll see 
there is a LAN scheduled for this Saturday. It's been up there for 
awhile but Rick pointed out that not everyone checks the calender so I'm 
sending an email. Wouldn't want anyone to stumble in expecting an empty 
shop :) We're expecting to have about 20 computers and people from the 
Lawlz Brawlz gaming group set up from about noon until midnight. It's a 
trial run to see how viable a LAN is at the space. They will be 
providing a donation to EMS and maybe we'll get some new members out of 
it as well. We actually share several members across both groups. 
Anyway, just wanted everyone to have a heads up.

- Nathan

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