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Ellery Weber ellery at elleryweber.com
Thu Apr 26 22:34:08 PDT 2012

Hello Everyone!

Just a quick shout-out regarding the Sys Admin group meeting tonight.

Only Bob Miller, Clif Cox, and myself were in attendance. We discussed
plans for migrating to EMS owned equipment, and came up with the plan below.

   1. Acquire Hardware
      - Clif is working on getting some servers from a contact (see his
      previous email). They may cost around $100, but we will have discussion
      before the purchase if they are available.
      - If Clif is unable to get the servers, we will start out using the
      server I brought in (older supermicro - single HDD, SATA)
      - If that server is not adequate for what we need, Clif has a server
      he can bring in for us to borrow until we can get better hardware.
   2. Setup a sandbox on the EMS Hardware
      - During this time, EMS main site (mission critical services) will
      remain on Clif's servers.
      - We will migrate Forums over to the EMS hardware for testing.
      - After test, non-mission critical services will be migrated to EMS
      - EMS member sandbox setup for projects, etc.
   3. Evaluate EMS hardware and migrate from Clif's servers
      - Clif and I will bring options to the during the May membership

We hope to have 1 & 2 completed/in progress by the end of next month before
the next meeting.

We need help! We have plans for the infrastructure, but we need more people
interested in helping out in order for this to work efficiently!

Email me if you are interested. This team will be responsible for setting
up firewalls, servers, our network infrastructure, and more!

I will be scheduling another SysAdmin meeting soon... I'll shoot out an
email with details when they are available!

--- Ellery Weber
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