[EMS Discuss] EMS Fundraiser Event

Wed Aug 1 15:01:05 PDT 2012

Hi everyone,

At our last board meeting we talked about having a fundraiser event that
would be similar to our grand opening event we had back in March.  This
event would be to get donations and preferably, more members.  Also, Nick
Spicher from the Science Factory wants to host an event at EMS in
September, and we were thinking that the events could be one and the same.
 This way, Science Factory can help drive people to our space where we can
hopefully get them to sign up for membership.

We are wondering if anyone is interested in this idea and if anyone would
be available to help out with the event.  We first need to clean up and
organize the shop.  This probably should happen regardless of an event, but
it's really critical if we want to have a successfull fundraiser.

Other than that, we would probably need people to volunteer to help out
during the event to talk to people and explain what we do and why they
should join.  We don't have a set date yet so I know people probably can't
commit but I'm mainly curious who is interested in helping out.

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