[EMS Discuss] Shop Clean Up Discussion

Thu Aug 9 11:36:20 PDT 2012

The other thread is trying to figure out when to do the clean up day.  I
wanted to make another thread to talk about ideas for how to re-arrange the
shop to make it better, or maybe to "rules" to help keep the shop cleaner.
 This way if members can't make it to a clean up party they can still have
some input as to how things work.

We need to know things like, how much space can member projects take up,
and for how long?

What things can we safely throw away without someone getting angry?
 There's tons of crap up in the pick-a-part and that's the whole point.
 But maybe we've gone beyond what we should have and we need to get rid of
some stuff?  Or maybe we just need to re-organize?  What about extra
furniture at the shop?  Can we just get rid of some if we don't need it?

Member tools at the shop.  There are a lot of tools stored in tool boxes
and stuff but if we get them out on the tool wall above the work bench
people will know what's available and know they can use it.  Is that okay?

What are other ideas or thoughts that everyone has?

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