[EMS Discuss] Friday Nights

Fri Aug 17 10:11:35 PDT 2012

Hi everyone,

We normally have one of our members open up shop from 6:00PM to 8:00PM on
Friday nights to make sure new people can come check us out and sign up for
membership.  It also gives out non-key holding members a chance to come use
the shop, which is important because they pay for membership but have no
other chance to get in and use the space.  However, schedules have gotten
busy and we need some more people to step up and take over Friday nights
for a little while.

Is there anyone who can come in on Fridays for the next month or so to open
from 6-8PM?  If you can't commit to every Friday, you can at least respond
with one day you can cover and we can just fill in the days as needed.
 That way no one person has to do it every single week.  To get it started,
we need people for the following nights:

Tonight, August 17
August 24
August 31
September 7
September 14

Along these same lines, I'm going to be out of town from the 1st to the
15th which means I can't come in on Tuesdays to open up the shop during
those two weeks.  It would be really helpful if someone could cover for me
on the following days so we don't have to stay closed:

Sept 4
Sept 11

If you can cover any of these days, please reply all and let us know.  I'll
add your name to the EMS calendar for that day and we can try to get all
the days filled up.


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