[EMS Discuss] Host a lockpicking workshop at EMS?

Wed Aug 29 08:50:36 PDT 2012

The board just received an email from someone from the College of
Lockpicking.  They are going to be in Eugene between Sept 10-12th and they
want to host a lock picking workshop at EMS!  Unfortunately, I will be out
of town that week so I can't sponsor this event at the shop.  Is there any
other key holding member that has one of those nights available to host
this event?  I think it would be a great event to host at the shop and
possibly a good way to get more outsiders to come check us out.  Maybe we
can get a couple of new members out of it.  I replied to Jamie already
asking if they charge any money for the event but I suspect it will be free
to attend.  Please let me know if you are available and want to sponsor
this event and I will get back to Jamie and get you in touch.  I can help
promote the event on Facebook, Blog, etc, I just can't be here to host it.
 I have pasted Jamie's email below with all of the current details.




Would you guys be interested in hosting a College of Lockpicking workshop
at Eugene Maker Space?

College of Lockpicking is on tour, and our current route takes us right
through Eugene between Sept 10-12th!  If you have any of those days open
for a 2-3hr evening event, we'd love to come and liven up the space with

We typically do the workshop as a member drive and fundraiser for
hackerspaces that host us.  Participants can bring their own lockpicks or
pick up some from us for $30.  The workshop covers soup-to-nuts everything
from the history and development of pin-tumbler locks and how to pick them
open, to modern upgrades on pin-tumbler technologies and an overview of
Medeco, Mul-T-Lock, and a few higher-security locks. It's an hour of
entertaining lecture, and an hour of suspense-filled activity... and
everyone opens a lock!

If this sounds like something you'd like to do at Eugene Maker Space, let
us know, and we can work on getting it all setup!

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