[EMS Discuss] Trash talk.

Darrell Perko EMAIL HIDDEN
Sun Dec 2 16:09:57 PST 2012

I got a pretty good look at the trash as I was digging through it for 
the phone that fell out of my pocket.  :-)  I don't think there was a 
huge percentage of recyclable material, but of course we should recycle 
what we can.

We do have a big box of returnable cans in the back corner that is 
starting to overflow.  I vote that whoever deals with them keeps the few 

While I have the extra capacity, It's not a big deal for me to haul it 
off.  (I think maybe someone else hauled a load, too, between my last 
couple.)  I just want to make sure we use the contractor bags only and 
that the revolting state of the office can is not repeated.  (It still 
needs scrubbing out.)


On 12/2/2012 12:44 PM, Mr. Clif wrote:
> Thats a great reminder to all of us that we do have a recycling box 
> that we should try to use. :-)
>     Thanks Bob,
>     Clif
> Robert Meyer wrote:
>> Really appreciate your efforts regarding the trash disposal.
>> I'm wondering if it would make life easier for you if we
>> were to do some recycling i.e. lessen the amount of trash in
>> general. I'd chip in or just buy an extra can if people
>> would use it.
>> Bob
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