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Ben Hallert - Vipmail EMAIL HIDDEN
Sat Dec 8 14:26:34 PST 2012

Hi all,

At a previous member meeting, we discussed making some checklists for around the shop to help keep things clean and together.

Here's our current list, please take a moment to review and add or comment and then in a few days I'll print en out and post them in the shop.

Open Shop/Hack Nights
Unlock door
Heater on if cold
Check fridges for stocking
Set out membership forms and guest book

Empty bathroom trash
Empty shop trash
Replace liners
Sweep shop
Check tools (where they belong?)
Wipe down central tables
Vacuum up sawdust near saws/drills
Wipe down workbench
Wipe down tools
Set/verify shop clock
Take out recycling
Organize materials corner
Wipe down/organize solder station
Brush toilet
Restock fridge with remain warm items.
Power down as appropriate.
Tidy paperwork and guest book.
Clean/wipe down 3d printer area.
Consolidate trash cans, if over half full take the trash out.

Inventory and alert to low quantities:
Toilet paper
Paper towels
Cleaning chemicals
Trash bags black
Trash bags white

- Ben
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