[EMS Discuss] Incubator Humidifier

Wed Dec 12 18:58:54 PST 2012

Hey Kevin,

I was just cleaning up my garage (the mice got into my boxes, Arg!) and 
a solution to your incubator humidifier problem just popped into my 
head. What if instead of pumping water into the incubator, you heated up 
a small amount that was in a container outside it? Then it would 
evaporate or even make steam which would flow though a short tube into 
the warm area.

Have one of those upside down (gerbil)bottles that dips into a very 
small reservoir which is sealed except for a short plastic hose that 
goes into the incubator. Put a heating element perhaps like the ones 
that go into a coffe cup into the reservoir, and use PWM on it or at 
least turn it on for short durations while you wait for the Humidity to 
come up. Of course you need a sensor for that. As the reservoir dries up 
the bottle will refill it to the level that it dips into it.


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