[EMS Discuss] Anyone want to go in on a group purchase of test leads and other parts?

Sat Dec 15 16:49:51 PST 2012

Hi Gang,

I was thinking I could use some more test leads and some banana leads. I 
have hunted around (at Radio Shack, and Oregon Electronics as well as 
online) and found what seem to be good or ok deals, and just as I 
started to place some orders I wondered if others were interested in this.

Here are some garden variety test leads from china:


but not sure of the gauge of wire, though in Eugene you will pay more 
than double for half as many.

Here are some banana plug to micro test leads for a good price:


This place has great prices on banana test leads though not a very good 
color selection:


The part numbers I was interested in are:
SKU: AEP-7-199-15-R / B
SKU: AEP-7-199-16-R / B
SKU: AEP-7-199-22-R / B

They also have lots of scientific equipment.

Oh, I also need to buy a couple ICs from Newark because Digikey is out 
of stock on these. You can search for ICs on octopart.com

Let me know if you want go in on any of these things and share shipping.

     Ciao! :-)

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