[EMS Discuss] Key for Connor Weller

Sun Dec 16 13:37:25 PST 2012

I'd like to nominate Connor Weller to have key access to EMS.  He's the
teenager who's been showing up for the past couple of months. Every time he
shows up he's either had some cool project to work on or he has something
to add to the conversations going on around the space. If there are two
other key holders that would like to sponsor him, please reply to the list
and let everyone know so we can get the key approved on Wednesday.

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From: "Mark Weller" <EMAIL HIDDEN>
Date: Dec 16, 2012 12:47 PM
Subject: Key
To: "Rick Osgood" <EMAIL HIDDEN>

I am not able to post on the mailing list can you post to see if any one
else would back me in getting a key

Connor Weller
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