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Mon Dec 17 16:50:03 PST 2012

The clerk/owner?, Theresa, at the store seemed pretty friendly and into
using the cutter.  She's using the Silhuette software off of her laptop.
 To get designs to her the options are A) e-mail her a DFX file (Inkscape's
default file type didn't want to import into Silhuette's image editor, B)
bring in a USB stick with the file (and swear that it's malware-free), or
C) install the Sihuette editor (I want to say that it's 100 MB) onto your
own laptop and plut into the cutter via USB.

Oh -- right... if you use Inkscape, make sure that your final image lives
on one layer and delete all other unused layers.  If you don't everything
shows up on the import.  To make the stars cut out, I drew the design, then
thickened the stroke to about 12points, then used the UNION function and
then the STROKE TO OUTLINE function to get a "welded" (i.e. closed polygon)
design.  I'd like to do some designs with paper folding and cuts to make a
kind o pop-out book design... which I think is possible.

- John

On Monday, December 17, 2012, John Burridge wrote:

> Thanks.
> It was at The Artists' Pallet, a new-ish store on... um... 17th? If you
> start at ... Euphoria Chocolate off of Willamette and walk toward Safeway,
> you'll pass by it.  (Sorry, I seem to be horrifically landmark driven at
> the moment.)
> I bought a sticky mat guide that holds the paper in place in the Silhuette
> cutter (~$16), which took care of a maintenance charge and reduced the
> printing costs to the price of the paper (~ 50 cents per page).
> They have a 12-inch wide cutter... at this point using theirs is my only
> option.  I'm hoping that this craft store lasts longer than craft stores
> tend to nationally.
> - John
> On Monday, December 17, 2012, Ben Hallert wrote:
>> That' looks fantastic!  How much did it cost to use and which store was
>> it?  Or was it a demo-run?  I was thinking about picking up a Cricut a year
>> or so ago but the hassle associated with getting around Provo's
>> ill-mannered lockdown (specifically designed to prevent people from
>> printing their own designs) turned me off to them.  I don't know if I can
>> rationalize the cost of a Silhouette, but I can imagine renting time on
>> one...  :)
>> Ben
>> - Ben
>> On Mon, Dec 17, 2012 at 4:00 PM, John Burridge <EMAIL HIDDEN>wrote:
>>> Hi folks,
>>> Thought people might like to see what can be done with Inkscape and a
>>> Silhuette paper cutter (I used one at a Eugene craft store).
>>> - John
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