[EMS Discuss] Corvallis Maker Event

Fri Dec 21 08:37:30 PST 2012

The below comment was made on our website.  I'm forwarding it to
the group to see if anyone is interested in taking part in this event:

The Corvallis-Benton County Public Library is planning our first Makerspace
event in March 2013 - a 2 day, 4 hour festival of makers and exhibitors for
all ages. We’re looking for some local makers/exhibitors to participate and
I’m wondering if you could help me get the word out? I tried to email your
group but it keeps bouncing back.

Some more info:
- the event will take place in our Main Meeting Room and we'll have 6 to 7
makers/exhibitors with each one having a table space
- this is more of a fair than individual performances and we expect patrons
to continuously come and go during the event
- we're definitely interested in hands-on activities, with an emphasis on
hi tech/artsy/science/music/things that go or light up

I'd love to find someone local that does Arduino or has cool inventions to
show off.

Thanks very much,

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