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Sun Dec 23 13:42:00 PST 2012

Just got this.

I do plan on going in later today, and would be happy to spend some time cleaning, though I want to work on something

I can be reached at 541 933 1275 to coordinate, as I still don't get email while out and about.


> Connor wants to clean up the shop tonight. Anyone want to help him out? Hes
> having issues posting to the list.
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> Date: Dec 22, 2012 5:01 PM
> Subject: Please put following on mailing list
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> Is there anyone that will want to come into the shop tonight and clean it
> up with me? I've noticed that it could use some work and there's never
> enough time during the open houses to clean.
> Thanks,
> Connor Weller
> Thanks,
> Connor Weller
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