[EMS Discuss] Cupcake help

Celeste Baine EMAIL HIDDEN
Mon Dec 31 17:04:58 PST 2012


I'm trying to find someone that can help me with my Makerbot Cupcake. I bought it off eBay and it seems to work (it melts the plastic) but I can't get it calibrated right.

The guy that had it before me did lots of upgrades (MK6 Stepstruder, heated platform, blue leds). He gave me a disk with everything but it's all for a PC - I'm on a Mac. The first problem is that the right driver for the machine doesn't seem to be available in replicatorG on my mac. I'm thinking he may have written a custom driver for the machine. So, I found an old PC laptop, installed everything he gave me and it seemed like it was going to work but when I tried to print a sample file, the print head rose up higher and higher and higher until it finally maxed out and made a hideous noise. Every time I try to print, it does the same thing no matter what I try to print. Could this be a z-axis calibration problem?

Any suggestions? Does anyone have one of these that can help me get it running? Maybe I can bring it to the open house on the 4th?

Please help! Thank you,

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