[EMS Discuss] EMS Grand Opening This Saturday

Tue Feb 14 06:31:56 PST 2012

Absolutely!  It'd be fun to see it.

On Mon, Feb 13, 2012 at 5:31 PM, Brian H Wilson <EMAIL HIDDEN> wrote:
> I can bring this little guy in if you want, I showed it off last week for
> the first time at our local open source GIS meeting.
> http://wildsong.biz/index.php?title=8track
> It's a car computer that runs Linux + Kismet, built in a portable 8 track
> player case. (Raise your hand if you remember 8 track.) I need to add some
> current photos to that page; it now has a 7" touch screen that sort of
> works, a wireless keyboard, an external WiFi adapter, and USB GPS receiver.
> I am officially a member even though I have not been there yet. I figure
> this qualifies me for show and tell. :-)
> Cheers
> Brian Wilson
> Corvallis
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