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Fri Jan 6 12:35:47 PST 2012

Quick calc- roughly 13,000 BTU output- is that correct? If so, and depending on what one considers "heat the space" and "no time", you may want to reset your expectations. 1000 sq ft x 10' high ceilings with avg insulation needs a bit over 62,500 BTUs to raise the temp by 10 degrees F. (I'm just guessing at the dimensions of the space).


 From: Kevin King <EMAIL HIDDEN>
Sent: Friday, January 6, 2012 9:16 AM
Subject: [Discuss] Power Cable Needed
I purchased a new heater for the space, but I need to make an adapter cable.  
Does anyone have an L6-30P connector or a cable with connector?  (Image 
Attached)  I can purchase all the parts from Jerrys, but it would be a $40 
cable.  For those of you about to ask why I don't just replace the receptical, 
the heater has a 20A connector, so I would have to downgrade the breaker to 
20A.  Doing so would limit the usabiity of the outlet, plus we would leagally 
have to hire an electrical contractor to install.

I purchased a 4000W 240V forced air heater.  I am hoping it will heat the space 
up in no time.
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