[Discuss] Lock pick novice

Wed Jan 25 09:10:09 PST 2012

I am interested in this hobby but I am a novice myself so I'm afraid you
probably wouldn't be able to really learn much from me.  That being said,
I've been wanting to build a sort of training/practice station for EMS for
a while now but I have had other projects get in the way.  I'm envisioning
several locks with varying numbers of pins so people can learn on easier
locks and move onto more difficult ones.  I'd also like to build a box that
we can lock a prize inside.  Whoever picks open the box gets the prize.  If
you are interested in that idea, you should come down to one of our open
house nights and maybe we can start building this thing.


On Wed, Jan 25, 2012 at 7:18 AM, Keenan <EMAIL HIDDEN> wrote:

> Hello. I'm new to this site and was wandering if any members have skill in
> lock picking or are interested in the subject. I would love to learn more
> and learning from more experienced lock pick hobbyists would be great.
> Please email me back if you are interested.
> Keenan
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