[EMS Discuss] Makerfaire booth

Tue Jun 5 14:44:29 PDT 2012

Is anyone interested in spending some time manning our booth at the mini
maker faire on June 16th?  I'd really love to see a bunch of our members
there showing off their projects.  Even if you don't have a project to
bring though, you can still help out by showing up and talking to people.
 I'm thinking what you'd really be doing is telling people about EMS and
helping them sign up for membership if they so choose.  You also might be
explaining what the various projects are that we will have at our table.
 We are also planning on having a station setup for people to make and
launch paper rockets, so you can help them put those together and launch

It's really up in the air at this point, but hopefully we can always make
sure we have at least 3 people at the table at any given time.  I'm trying
to get an idea of how many people we might have available to man the booth
so we can plan accordingly.  The more people we have available, the more
cool stuff we can show off.

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