[EMS Discuss] New welder for the shop

Mon Jun 11 10:11:55 PDT 2012

Hey Everyone,

Ellery and I have been working on a project that requires some welding.
 James graciously brought his welder down to the shop and we had planned on
using that one but unfortunately it has reached an untimely demise.  I
ended up going down to Harbor Freight and purchasing their 170Amp MIG/Flux
wire welder so we can finish the project.  I intend to leave it at the shop
so everyone can use it when needed but I thought I would see if anyone was
willing to chip in for the purchase and we can just say it is a shop owned
tool.  Here is a link to the welder I purchased:


I got a 20% off discount and purchased a 1 year warranty for $20, so the
total price after the warranty came to $180.  If anyone wants to chip in
for the purchase, let me know and we can work it out.

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