[EMS Discuss] Redbull Creation Challenge

Fri Jun 15 09:19:52 PDT 2012

Hey guys,

Redbull is putting on another creation challenge this year.  Last year's
seemed to go pretty well and it got a lot of hackerspaces involved.  I'm
thinking about signing up EMS for this challenge.  If they approve our
application, they will send us a custom Arduino board they made and we will
have until July 3rd to make something cool with it.  We also have to film
the build.  Once it's done, we submit it and if we were to become a
finalist we would enter their competition.  The competition puts up the
best teams against each other where each team builds something fun at their
own space but streams the build live.  You get 72 hours from July 19 - 22
to build it.

Is anyone interested in participating on this team?  This first Arduino
qualifying round has no real requirements.  We can build anything we want
with it and we'll have about two weeks to do it.  I'd like to submit the
form today but I'd like to know who is interested in participating before I
submit the application.

Here's a link to their site: http://creation.redbullusa.com/

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