[EMS Discuss] Raspberry Pi case

Mon Mar 5 15:00:06 PST 2012

A useful project for the Thing-o-matic -- can it do a case big enough? 
After seeing it on Open House my impression is MAYBE.


I ordered my Raspberry Pi yesterday, meaning I will probably get it 
around June. :-(

Because the Pi board is so small and has so many features, it has 
connectors on all edges, which makes popping it into a generic box more 
difficult. It's been extensively engineered to be inexpensive.

This guy makes one with a laser. I did not see a numerically controlled 
co2 laser at EMS though.


Damn, always wanted a high power laser. Also a CNC milling machine, a 
TIG welding outfit... is there a wish list for EMS? And I wonder what it 
would take to get me to drive down there to use it?

Brian in Corvallis

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