[EMS Discuss] New Linked Forums

Tue Mar 6 23:06:10 PST 2012

Hi Gang,

Well after lots of research and battling a whole host ;-) of permission 
problems We have some new forums. They link to our mailing lists so 
posts to one, go to the corresponding other. This way all members will 
be able to share in the discussions, and connect via their favorite 
medium. We could even link to news groups, and you can pull RDF, ATIM 
and RSS feeds off the forums / lists too, if you want to keep track that 
way. :-)

Here is a new EMAIL HIDDEN mailing list, if you want to do 
some testing.

The forums are here: http://forum.eugenemakerspace.com/

and they have the entire threaded history of the mailing lists in them 
so you can browse all the topics (and reply to your favorite ones) if 
you like.

All new list posters are automatically subscribed to the forum. Of 
course, you need to use the lost password procedure to figure out what 
yours is. Once logged in you can change your name etc...

The forum (FUDforum), allows you to select which forums and which topics 
in a forum you would like to be notified about for new posts. The 
mailing lists have digest and hold delivery modes, so between them you 
should be able to dial in pretty much any notification style you like.


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