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Wed Mar 7 16:10:19 PST 2012

Yes anyone can read the forums, but only registered users can post, 
which is the same for the mailing lists.
Only emails that came from quoted text in the lists are visible, but 
those can be obfuscated in the same way the forum archives are.


You can
InEugene wrote:
> I'm seeing a rather large problem with this. Correct me if I'm wrong 
> but it looks like anyone can access these forums. It also looks like 
> everyone's email address is visible here. I'm pretty sure this will 
> result in all of our email addresses being harvested for spam and 
> phishing attacks.
> - Nathan
> On 3/7/2012 8:53 AM, Clif Cox wrote:
>> Yes, :)
>> You log in to the forum using the lost password procedure
>> (just the first time) and navigate to the topic of interest.
>> Then you select the "Subscribe to topic" link at the top of
>> the page. You will probably also want to go to your member
>> profile to fine tune some other settings.
>> You can also pull down new topics from a forum in an RSS
>> feed, though I'm not sure you can just select messages in a
>> topic, eg:
>> http://forum.eugenemakerspace.com/feed.php?mode=t&l=1&n=10&frm=1&format=rss 
>>      Ciao!
>>      Clif
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