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Wed Mar 7 16:52:53 PST 2012

Actually, if you want to just set me up as an Admin I can sort it out 
for you. No reason to make you do all the work, shouldn't be a big deal 
as I got it all set up that way on the forums I made last week. Except 
for the obfuscation. I'm not sure what you process for that will be.

On 3/7/2012 4:47 PM, InEugene wrote:
> I think you will want to switch that. As it stands making an account is
> unlocked and anyone can do create one in 30 seconds and have access to
> the but all posts are moderated. What you will want to do is make it so
> all new members have to be approved and posts are unmoderated, otherwise
> someone will have to constantly be moderating posts.
> When can you obfuscate the email addresses? You might want to pull your
> forums back down until that can be done.
> On 3/7/2012 4:10 PM, Mr. Clif wrote:
>> Yes anyone can read the forums, but only registered users can post,
>> which is the same for the mailing lists.
>> Only emails that came from quoted text in the lists are visible, but
>> those can be obfuscated in the same way the forum archives are.
>> Clif
>> You can
>> wrote:
>>> I'm seeing a rather large problem with this. Correct me if I'm wrong
>>> but it looks like anyone can access these forums. It also looks like
>>> everyone's email address is visible here. I'm pretty sure this will
>>> result in all of our email addresses being harvested for spam and
>>> phishing attacks.
>>> - Nathan
>>> On 3/7/2012 8:53 AM, Clif Cox wrote:
>>>> Yes, :)
>>>> You log in to the forum using the lost password procedure
>>>> (just the first time) and navigate to the topic of interest.
>>>> Then you select the "Subscribe to topic" link at the top of
>>>> the page. You will probably also want to go to your member
>>>> profile to fine tune some other settings.
>>>> You can also pull down new topics from a forum in an RSS
>>>> feed, though I'm not sure you can just select messages in a
>>>> topic, eg:
>>>> http://forum.eugenemakerspace.com/feed.php?mode=t&l=1&n=10&frm=1&format=rss
>>>> Ciao!
>>>> Clif
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