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Wed Mar 7 21:10:30 PST 2012


- Just did a Google search on my other email address and the second 
result was 
http://eugenemakerspace.com/pipermail/com.eugenemakerspace.discuss even 
with the obfuscation. I'd prefer a system that stripped the email 
addresses altogether. Maybe that's too complicated. I'd think you could 
do a 'find words that contain "@" and replace with "..."' or something. 
Talking to Alex it sounds like changing the "@" to "at" would have 
little benefit.

- Standard size for avatars on the other forums I've worked on is 
100x100. If filesize is an issue we can always host them on imgur. Is 
filesize an issue?

- I still don't seem to have admin access. If you go into the 
Moderator/User Manager admin control panel you should be able to pull up 
my account and then under Forum Administrator you can click on the 
toggle link to assign administrative rights.

- Side note: Are we planning on having a Google+ presence? I know 
several of us are on there. I could set that up as well.


On 3/7/2012 7:42 PM, Mr. Clif wrote:
> Hey Nathan,
> Yes I was going to mention that. The lost password procedure is a two
> step process. When it takes you to the login page you need to wait for
> the second email which has your account name and new password, and as
> Nathan has noted it might end up in your spam folder.
> Nathan wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Be aware, if you are using Gmail the reset password email may get
>> stuck in your spam filter.
>> Also I'm checking with a friend of mine who works in messaging to
>> determine what level of obfuscation will be sufficient to avoid
>> harvesting. I'm not sure if just turning the "@" symbols to "at" will
>> do the trick as harvesters are pretty sophisticated. I don't follow
>> the email threat landscape very closely but Alex should have a good
>> idea what is required.
> Excelent, I look forward to his insights. For comparisons sake this is
> *All* that mailman does. You can check our archives here:
> http://eugenemakerspace.com/pipermail/com.eugenemakerspace.discuss to
> see. How many mailman installations are there? tens of thousands? 100s
> of thousands? Anyway I agree, I think email obfuscation is mostly to
> make users feel good, I don't think it's that practical. That is what
> spam filters are for.
> Now, what I just wrote for the forums does more than this. It also
> strips off the mailto: and <...> around the addresses. Mailman doesn’t
> bother with that.
>> I believe we'll need to increase the max avatar size as well. I'm
>> guessing it's set to default now and it's crazy small.
> Ok what size seems reasonable to you?
>> I did make FAKESPAMACCOUNT for testing, the posts were for testing as
>> well.
>> - Nathan
> Cool,
> So we talked about our mailing list and forum policy at the board
> meeting tonight, and decided that we like it the way it is for now, but
> will be happy to adjust things when we start to have problems. It was
> noted that most forums do allow unmoderated signups. So I think that the
> next thing we will have to tweak is to bump the number of initial
> moderated posts up to 2 etc...
> Ciao,
> Clif
>> On 3/7/2012 6:02 PM, Rick Osgood wrote:
>>> I would personally prefer it if the new users were moderated rather
>>> than posts. It pisses me off to not be able to post to a forum
>>> multiple times. I understand the first time, but then again and
>>> again? I think many would agree that it is frustrating.
>>> Also, what about making Nathan an admin? I didn't see a response to
>>> that. That would help get moderation done quickly and help get things
>>> tweaked and working faster.
>>> On Wed, Mar 7, 2012 at 5:34 PM, Mr. Clif<EMAIL HIDDEN> wrote:
>>>> Nathan,
>>>> InEugene wrote:
>>>>> I think you will want to switch that. As it stands making an
>>>>> account is
>>>>> unlocked and anyone can do create one in 30 seconds and have access...
>>>> Yes that is exactly the same as the mailing lists, and we haven't had a
>>>> problem with them yet. In fact Rick decided that it was too hard to
>>>> post to
>>>> the board list so he opened it up to everyone.
>>>>> ...to the but all posts are moderated. What you will want to do is
>>>>> make it
>>>>> so all new members have to be approved and posts are unmoderated,
>>>>> otherwise
>>>>> someone will have to constantly be moderating posts.
>>>> Yes, perhaps that will become a problem someday, maybe even soon. At
>>>> that
>>>> time we can easily switch. The forum uses Captcha so at least bots
>>>> can't
>>>> easily register, and the first N posts of a new user are moderated.
>>>> Right
>>>> now N is one, so we will probably have to bump that up.
>>>> I see someone made a FAKESPAMACCOUNT
>>>> <http://forum.eugenemakerspace.com/index.php?t=usrinfo&id=26&> was
>>>> that you?
>>>> unfortunately those posts are still in the moderation queue... and now
>>>> they're gone.
>>>>> When can you obfuscate the email addresses? You might want to pull
>>>>> your
>>>>> forums back down until that can be done.
>>>> Done.
>>>> Ciao,
>>>> Clif
>>>>> On 3/7/2012 4:10 PM, Mr. Clif wrote:
>>>>>> Yes anyone can read the forums, but only registered users can
>>>>>> post, which
>>>>>> is the same for the mailing lists.
>>>>>> Only emails that came from quoted text in the lists are visible, but
>>>>>> those can be obfuscated in the same way the forum archives are.
>>>>>> Clif
>>>>>> You can
>>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>>> I'm seeing a rather large problem with this. Correct me if I'm
>>>>>>> wrong but
>>>>>>> it looks like anyone can access these forums. It also looks like
>>>>>>> everyone's
>>>>>>> email address is visible here. I'm pretty sure this will result
>>>>>>> in all of
>>>>>>> our email addresses being harvested for spam and phishing attacks.
>>>>>>> - Nathan
>>>>>>> On 3/7/2012 8:53 AM, Clif Cox wrote:
>>>>>>>> Yes, :)
>>>>>>>> You log in to the forum using the lost password procedure
>>>>>>>> (just the first time) and navigate to the topic of interest.
>>>>>>>> Then you select the "Subscribe to topic" link at the top of
>>>>>>>> the page. You will probably also want to go to your member
>>>>>>>> profile to fine tune some other settings.
>>>>>>>> You can also pull down new topics from a forum in an RSS
>>>>>>>> feed, though I'm not sure you can just select messages in a
>>>>>>>> topic, eg:
>>>>>>>> http://forum.eugenemakerspace.com/feed.php?mode=t&l=1&n=10&frm=1&format=rss
>>>>>>>> Ciao!
>>>>>>>> Clif
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