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Wed Mar 7 22:01:15 PST 2012

Hi Nathan,

InEugene wrote:
> Hello,
> - Just did a Google search on my other email address and the second 
> result was 
> http://eugenemakerspace.com/pipermail/com.eugenemakerspace.discuss 
> even with the obfuscation. I'd prefer a system that stripped the email 
> addresses altogether. Maybe that's too complicated. I'd think you 
> could do a 'find words that contain "@" and replace with "..."' or 
> something. Talking to Alex it sounds like changing the "@" to "at" 
> would have little benefit.
Yep, though changing the way mailman builds it's archives is more than I 
want to get into. If you would like to put in a request with the mailman 
dev team feel free. I would even add to that thread if you started it.
> - Standard size for avatars on the other forums I've worked on is 
> 100x100. If filesize is an issue we can always host them on imgur. Is 
> filesize an issue?
No, file size is not an issue I just need to know what a reasonable size 
limit is, which is all I asked for.
> - I still don't seem to have admin access. If you go into the 
> Moderator/User Manager admin control panel you should be able to pull 
> up my account and then under Forum Administrator you can click on the 
> toggle link to assign administrative rights.
Yes I know how to grant admin access, ;-) though why don't we start with 
moderator for now, ok? Some of the other board members suggested that 
was a good first step.
> - Side note: Are we planning on having a Google+ presence? I know 
> several of us are on there. I could set that up as well.
> /Nathan
Not really, I think google is evil, and I would usually go out of my way 
to be self sufficient. For someone so concerned about getting your email 
address out there. You don't seem bothered by the fact that google 
doesn’t delete your personal email after you delete it. Their policy 
says this. Then they mine all the useful data out of it and sell it 
three letter agencies. But they do it in a really nice way so it feels 
good, and I guess that's what counts.

The new big brother:


> On 3/7/2012 7:42 PM, Mr. Clif wrote:
>> Hey Nathan,
>> Yes I was going to mention that. The lost password procedure is a two
>> step process. When it takes you to the login page you need to wait for
>> the second email which has your account name and new password, and as
>> Nathan has noted it might end up in your spam folder.
>> Nathan wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> Be aware, if you are using Gmail the reset password email may get
>>> stuck in your spam filter.
>>> Also I'm checking with a friend of mine who works in messaging to
>>> determine what level of obfuscation will be sufficient to avoid
>>> harvesting. I'm not sure if just turning the "@" symbols to "at" will
>>> do the trick as harvesters are pretty sophisticated. I don't follow
>>> the email threat landscape very closely but Alex should have a good
>>> idea what is required.
>> Excelent, I look forward to his insights. For comparisons sake this is
>> *All* that mailman does. You can check our archives here:
>> http://eugenemakerspace.com/pipermail/com.eugenemakerspace.discuss to
>> see. How many mailman installations are there? tens of thousands? 100s
>> of thousands? Anyway I agree, I think email obfuscation is mostly to
>> make users feel good, I don't think it's that practical. That is what
>> spam filters are for.
>> Now, what I just wrote for the forums does more than this. It also
>> strips off the mailto: and <...> around the addresses. Mailman doesn’t
>> bother with that.
>>> I believe we'll need to increase the max avatar size as well. I'm
>>> guessing it's set to default now and it's crazy small.
>> Ok what size seems reasonable to you?
>>> I did make FAKESPAMACCOUNT for testing, the posts were for testing as
>>> well.
>>> - Nathan
>> Cool,
>> So we talked about our mailing list and forum policy at the board
>> meeting tonight, and decided that we like it the way it is for now, but
>> will be happy to adjust things when we start to have problems. It was
>> noted that most forums do allow unmoderated signups. So I think that the
>> next thing we will have to tweak is to bump the number of initial
>> moderated posts up to 2 etc...
>> Ciao,
>> Clif
>>> On 3/7/2012 6:02 PM, Rick Osgood wrote:
>>>> I would personally prefer it if the new users were moderated rather
>>>> than posts. It pisses me off to not be able to post to a forum
>>>> multiple times. I understand the first time, but then again and
>>>> again? I think many would agree that it is frustrating.
>>>> Also, what about making Nathan an admin? I didn't see a response to
>>>> that. That would help get moderation done quickly and help get things
>>>> tweaked and working faster.
>>>> On Wed, Mar 7, 2012 at 5:34 PM, Mr. Clif<EMAIL HIDDEN> wrote:
>>>>> Nathan,
>>>>> InEugene wrote:
>>>>>> I think you will want to switch that. As it stands making an
>>>>>> account is
>>>>>> unlocked and anyone can do create one in 30 seconds and have 
>>>>>> access...
>>>>> Yes that is exactly the same as the mailing lists, and we haven't 
>>>>> had a
>>>>> problem with them yet. In fact Rick decided that it was too hard to
>>>>> post to
>>>>> the board list so he opened it up to everyone.
>>>>>> ...to the but all posts are moderated. What you will want to do is
>>>>>> make it
>>>>>> so all new members have to be approved and posts are unmoderated,
>>>>>> otherwise
>>>>>> someone will have to constantly be moderating posts.
>>>>> Yes, perhaps that will become a problem someday, maybe even soon. At
>>>>> that
>>>>> time we can easily switch. The forum uses Captcha so at least bots
>>>>> can't
>>>>> easily register, and the first N posts of a new user are moderated.
>>>>> Right
>>>>> now N is one, so we will probably have to bump that up.
>>>>> I see someone made a FAKESPAMACCOUNT
>>>>> <http://forum.eugenemakerspace.com/index.php?t=usrinfo&id=26&> was
>>>>> that you?
>>>>> unfortunately those posts are still in the moderation queue... and 
>>>>> now
>>>>> they're gone.
>>>>>> When can you obfuscate the email addresses? You might want to pull
>>>>>> your
>>>>>> forums back down until that can be done.
>>>>> Done.
>>>>> Ciao,
>>>>> Clif
>>>>>> On 3/7/2012 4:10 PM, Mr. Clif wrote:
>>>>>>> Yes anyone can read the forums, but only registered users can
>>>>>>> post, which
>>>>>>> is the same for the mailing lists.
>>>>>>> Only emails that came from quoted text in the lists are visible, 
>>>>>>> but
>>>>>>> those can be obfuscated in the same way the forum archives are.
>>>>>>> Clif
>>>>>>> You can
>>>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>>>> I'm seeing a rather large problem with this. Correct me if I'm
>>>>>>>> wrong but
>>>>>>>> it looks like anyone can access these forums. It also looks like
>>>>>>>> everyone's
>>>>>>>> email address is visible here. I'm pretty sure this will result
>>>>>>>> in all of
>>>>>>>> our email addresses being harvested for spam and phishing attacks.
>>>>>>>> - Nathan
>>>>>>>> On 3/7/2012 8:53 AM, Clif Cox wrote:
>>>>>>>>> Yes, :)
>>>>>>>>> You log in to the forum using the lost password procedure
>>>>>>>>> (just the first time) and navigate to the topic of interest.
>>>>>>>>> Then you select the "Subscribe to topic" link at the top of
>>>>>>>>> the page. You will probably also want to go to your member
>>>>>>>>> profile to fine tune some other settings.
>>>>>>>>> You can also pull down new topics from a forum in an RSS
>>>>>>>>> feed, though I'm not sure you can just select messages in a
>>>>>>>>> topic, eg:
>>>>>>>>> http://forum.eugenemakerspace.com/feed.php?mode=t&l=1&n=10&frm=1&format=rss 
>>>>>>>>> Ciao!
>>>>>>>>> Clif
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