[EMS Discuss] People at EMS tonight

Fri Mar 9 21:28:08 PST 2012

That is so awesome! Fridays have really gotten busy after the grand
opening. I'm sorry I couldn't make it. I'm looking forward to the shop
getting busier soon.
On Mar 9, 2012 8:26 PM, "Bob Miller" <EMAIL HIDDEN> wrote:

> Clif was here.  He ordered pizza.
> Mark and Jenny were here, and they brought their friend John.
> John had modelled a scarab in Blender, and he and Mark
> printed it on Rick's MakerBot.  Jenny is knitting another sock.
> Mark spent some time on his lamp shade too.
> Pietro from Eugene Web Developers and his girlfriend were here.
> Jeremy from Emberex was here.  He is working on infrared control
> of a helicopter.
> Rae and Jamie were here.  They and I worked on cabling for radio headsets.
> Miles and Benjamin are still here making an Arduino play morse code
> through a buzzer.
> It was a busy night.  I think I forgot someone.
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