[EMS Discuss] Board Minutes Online

Mon Mar 12 15:54:20 PDT 2012

Hi Rick,

Is that supposed to be https or http, because I got a "The site's 
security certificate is not trusted!" when I clicked on the link. Also, 
I'd personally like to see the minutes posted in the wiki itself instead 
of an downloaded ODT file. Just for ease of use.


On 3/12/2012 9:14 AM, Rick Osgood wrote:
> I just wanted to let everyone know that our minutes from our past
> board meetings are online if anyone is interested.  You can view them
> here:
> https://www.eugeneweb.com/wiki/Sites/EmsMinutes
> We are trying to keep this list updated after each board meeting.  Let
> me know if you have trouble accessing them.
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