[EMS Discuss] [PROPOSAL] - Formalize a process for making proposals

Mon Mar 12 15:47:29 PDT 2012

OK so this is pretty meta... but if we are going to start having
membership meetings then we need a way for members to propose topics
of discussion at the meetings.  This is important because members need
to know ahead of time what will be discussed so they know if they
should show up to a meeting or not.  Members will naturally want to
attend meetings where they care about the topics and they may want to
skip out when they just don't care about the topics.

I just started sending out these emails as a way to make proposals but
we should talk about this at the meeting and decide on a process so we
can all make proposals properly in the future.

I plan to take these proposals and put them into a meeting agenda so
we don't miss any of them during the meeting.

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